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Rent from the Owner

Ninety percent of all neighborhoods have an association. Lack of inventory, and strict requirements, have made renting today a blessing and a curse.

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Rent with Fair Credit

Landlords have to understand that sometimes "life" gets in the way of your credit. If you could get a loan, why would you choose to rent?

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Rent without Pay Stubs

Many small business owners pay their employees “off the books” and in cash that comes directly from the services and products they provide.

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We looked at other sources and they were only interested in getting their fee for the service they provided but not really listening to our needs. You didn't give up on us but while we were busy with work or other matters you were busy looking and looking without giving up and for that I take my hat off to you!

Raymond & Jennifer

Very different than most Realtors that I have worked with, because most show properties on a whim,

where as he was working to get me in where I actually qualified. Saves time!

Trenice Lawler

Recent Client

He’s upfront and honest, genuine concern for our rental happiness, great communicator, and a great listener to make sure we get what we want at an affordable price. Expert, he knows his stuff!

Candy Aviles


What realtor actually talks you out of what you want, and gets you into what you can really afford? You didn't let me go over budget! I would recommend you anytime, to anyone, everywhere.

Winston Downs

Recent Client

Thank you. One of these days you can come over and we'll do a barbecue.
I am really thankful for what u did for us.

Martha Zavala Testimonial - Renting Today

Martha Zavala

Julio is one of the most professional, result oriented, and trustworthy agents I know. If you want smart and ethics, then you found your person. 

Myles Minns

Mr. Townhouse, Continental Properties 25 years in business.

I gotta tell you, your rental presentations are really good, very detailed and with all the necessary information needed to present an offer.

Javier Ulibarri

Keller Williams

Great length and writing, short and to the point, very clear and concise. Excellent content (specially with "Rent Without Pay Stubs" the AMEX card and the call script) Great presentation layout. Reader friendly. NEEDED in the market!

Carlos Cortesi

Blue Star Management Services

Recommended because of his effectiveness, and his way of doing business and good character. Provided a fast solution to my big problem! First time we talked on the phone. He said "we will resolve this together." 

Yurki Suarez


Amazing the entire way, and me and my family definitely appreciate it! We will definitely send more business your way!

William and Joelle Dickey

Recent Client

Hey, just wanted to say thanks for your help.
We are very comfortable now thanks to you. God bless!

Alexis Reyes Testimonial - Renting Today

Alexis Reyes

The difference is the quality of service he provided. During our initial phone consultation, he was efficient, extremely honest, very transparent in his dealings, and he genuinely cared about what was important to me.  The process went seamlessly.

Joy Ransom

Recent Client

Working with Renting Today was very successful! They found me the house that I wanted and from our first conversation he pictured what we needed and wanted to accommodate our family and made it happen for us. Great superb work. I am referring you to everybody that needs help with buying and renting.


Emelyne Joseph

Recent Client

Really appreciate your help, you are very good at what you do.

It's evident you do the very best you can to keep your clients happy.


Recent Client

We look forward to working with you in the future!

May god continue to give you the wisdom and knowledge to help families as you did ours.

Joey and Alicia Rosado

Recent Client

Trust me, his services are worth every penny! He was transparent, extremely upfront, and he delivered the goods!


Jetsaira Smith

Recent Client

La communication y el conocimiento de Julio. Tienes todos las probabilidades de que to recomienden por los satisfecho que estoy de su trabajo! No conozco otras empresas ni tampoco me interesa.

Yunieski Rodriguez

Recent Client

You made it your business to help us! Extremely happy with our first choice, it's because of your professionalism and knowledge, that we didn't have to look to anyone else. I really appreciate what you done for my family - Manuela is part of my family and you will not regret this decision you made to help them out, they are the best, and they will never fail on the rent and that’s a guarantee! I thank you so much.


3 x Referral

He took my fears away from renting. He held my hand and put my mind at ease.

I definitely need your help next year to buy our new home!

Michou Felix

Recent Client