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Ultimately our goal at Renting Today is to flip our renters into buyers. We invest our time highlighting your selling points and present them better than anyone one else on the market.

The world should be an open house. You should have an opportunity at every property listed in today’s rental market; regardless of your credit score, rental history, or if you’re not able to show proof of income, that's why you need a team .

Years ago, we asked “what if we developed a team of highly skilled rental specialists who treated renters the same way Realtors treat a million-dollar buyer? What if we offered first class service to those who rent, and during the time they’re in a lease, we help guide, and prepare them to buy real estate the following year?"

We found that our clients remained loyal to us. We found our sales increased. We found that having a legitimate reason to check in quarterly wasn’t an intrusion, rather our clients loved that we were monitoring their progress, and we continue to build their trust.

Here's why our clients keep coming back:

  1. Our client's benefit by renting from the landlord's representative.
  2. Once we have all your rental information, we're able to send multiple offers at a time. 
  3. Honest credit repair. You pay no upfront fees - no monthly fees - you only pay per removal.

At the end of the day, future buyers, rent first. 

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PUBLIC: Please do not apply for property if you have a felony. Without a Social Security number, we cannot run a background screening.